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Feedback and Successes...

EDUARDO... "I have been working with Hector Bordas for several months now, and I can confidently say that he has been instrumental in my professional growth. One of the things that really sets him apart is his ability to actively listen and provide thoughtful feedback. He never makes assumptions or jumps to conclusions, but instead takes the time to truly understand my situation and needs.

Hector is fantastic at providing recommendations and suggestions that are tailored to my specific circumstances. I am pivoting to the sports and entertainment industry and through his wealth of knowledge and experience he found relatable insights that were invaluable in helping me navigate the career move challenges.

Perhaps most importantly, he is excellent at holding me accountable. He helped me set achievable goals and kept me on track by checking in regularly and providing constructive feedback. He is dedicated to self-improvement and not only making others better but also growing to make himself better, which is a common theme in all great leaders."

NINA... "Hector is someone I highly recommend, he was my coach and helped me with both professional and personal issues - and I'm sure I became someone better after each session I had with him. I never did coaching sessions before and I had no idea how powerful this experience could be.

During my work with Hector, I could look at myself, develop self-awareness, and practice useful leadership tools. Ultimately, I realized what was my mission as a human and how to leverage that to be a better professional and a happier person. Thank you so much, Hector!!"

ABDUL- RAHMAN... "Hector embodies a leadership style that is truly one of a kind. He listens, then leads. Leads then listens again. Hector is humble and has high character. Very rare are leaders that walk the floor amidst hundreds of staff to say hello and express appreciation. I loved working for and with Hector, and attribute many of my professional success today to his support."

YOUN... "Hector is a leadership educator and personal trainer, and a leader himself. With unique and genuine communication skills, he has trained many professionals on their leadership journey both as a member and the head of an organization. His leadership discussions start with open and candid conversations rather than a structured one. By posing right questions, he will help you realize the roles of team members and the dynamics among them toward ultimate culture, morale, and productivity. Also as a member of large organization himself for many years, he carries a wealth of case studies. Bring your leadership questions to Hector. He will guide you but let you come up with your own solutions that suit your unique journey in an organization. What a true guide should do."

SOHEILA... "Hector took a team of 230 people with diverse social and educational backgrounds and led them through a cultural change that resulted in an increase in collaboration, communication, engagement, and productivity. His leadership approach was strategic, team focused, and personal. Hector showed the team that you can be a humble leader and succeed."

MICHAEL... "Hector has strong leadership, consensus-building, and follow-through skills. He is brilliant, thoughtful, methodical, and inspiring, and is simply looking for solutions to the complex problems we face in the highly urbanized environment around us." 

RICARDO... "Hector has a very calming leadership style. Even when Rome was burning, he always stayed calm, cool, and collected allowing us to get the job done with as little drama as possible. He also has the heart of a teacher and understands that leading requires listening and providing practical and effective feedback."

SUCCESS... applied proven concepts and processes to enhance the culture, focus teams, increase collaboration and communication, and changed old and low-productivity ideas and principles resulting in an invigorated team of engineers and architects at LA County Public Works.​

SUCCESS... formed the Sustainable Energy Action Committee to provide a forum for stakeholders to collaboratively identify and find solutions for issues that affect the installation and use of sustainable energy systems. The process included leadership development, enhancing facilitation, collaboration, and communication, and creating a culture of teamwork.​

SUCCESS... led a highly political and complex initiative to fund water resource projects in LA County. The process involved developing communication strategies, building trust, focused goals, advocacy strategies, and establishing relationships for a cohesive and ultimately successful initiative.

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